Chaz Beasley “Disappointed” With CRTPO Vote

NC House candidate Chaz Beasley has expressed his disappointment with today’s CRTPO vote affecting the I-77 toll lane project and reiterated his long-standing opposition to toll lanes.

“I’m disappointed with the outcome of today’s vote,” Beasley stated. “The I-77 toll lane project is a bad deal for our community and will have a negative impact for years to come.”

Though this CRTPO vote was predetermined based on earlier votes by the local boards, Beasley believes that some elected leaders now claiming to oppose tolls should have acted far earlier to stop them.

“I review contracts for a living,” said Beasley. “This is a terrible contract which should never have been signed. Unfortunately, some of our leaders did not lead on this issue. Now that the contract has been executed and construction has begun, we face a far more difficult challenge.”

Beasley, the Democratic candidate for House District 92, specifically mentioned incumbent Republican Charles Jeter and his previous support for tolls. “Jeter supported tolls for years in the General Assembly, including voting against an amendment that would have halted the I-77 toll project just a few months ago. This community needed leadership from Jeter before this contract was signed. Now we are left to pick up the pieces.”

In addition to his opposition to the I-77 toll lane project, Beasley’s priorities include strengthening North Carolina’s public education system, bolstering the local economy and promoting equality throughout the community.

Currently, Beasley works as an attorney in the finance industry. He lives in Steele Creek with his fiancée Whitney, and his future stepdaughter, Maddison.