Chaz Beasley Welcomes Danae Caulfield to NC House District 92 Race

Chaz Beasley has issued a statement in response to reports that Danae Caulfield will be the Republican nominee for NC House District 92.

"I welcome Danae Caulfield into the District 92 race,” Beasley stated. “I look forward to having a spirited debate about the future of our community in the coming weeks.”

Caulfield replaces former Rep. Charles Jeter, who resigned his seat and dropped his reelection bid on July 25. Beasley launched his campaign in July 2015 and earned the Democratic nomination in December 2015.

“Ultimately, I trust that our district will send an authentic, principled leader to Raleigh,” Beasley continued. “Even before we began this race, I’ve been fighting for better schools, for a stronger economy, and against the I-77 toll project. We trust our community to pick the best person for the job.”

Chaz Beasley is the Democratic candidate for NC House District 92, located in Mecklenburg County. It includes parts of Huntersville, Charlotte, Pineville and Steele Creek, as well as Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

Born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina, Beasley grew up in a low-income, single parent home. He attended North Carolina’s public schools and graduated with honors from Harvard. Beasley then went on to earn his law degree at Georgetown.  

Currently, Beasley works as an attorney in the finance industry. He lives in Steele Creek with his fiancée Whitney, and his future stepdaughter, Maddison.