With Economic Damage Mounting, Beasley Again Calls For HB2 Repeal

In the wake of PayPal’s cancellation of a $3.6 million investment into Mecklenburg County - and the loss of 400 jobs - NC House candidate Chaz Beasley again called on Governor Pat McCrory and the General Assembly to repeal House Bill 2. 

“This is a bad bill with devastating real-world consequences. I’m very disappointed that our community is losing 400 well-paying jobs as a direct result of this discriminatory law,” Beasley stated. “House Bill 2 should never have passed, and it needs to be repealed - immediately.”

Beasley also expressed his disappointment with incumbent Charles Jeter on this issue, noting Jeter’s absence during the special session and his failure to state how he would have voted. “Not only did Jeter miss the vote, it took him more than a week after the vote to even state his position,” Beasley noted. “Our community deserves authentic, principled leadership that will proactively speak up for our values.” 

Chaz Beasley is the Democratic candidate to represent NC House District 92, which includes Huntersville, Charlotte, Pineville and Steele Creek. His priorities include continued, consistent opposition to the I-77 toll lanes, strengthening North Carolina’s public education system, bolstering the local economy and promoting equality for all North Carolinians.

Currently, Beasley works as an attorney in the finance industry. He lives in Steele Creek with his fiancée Whitney, and his future stepdaughter, Maddison.