With Opponent Uncertain, Beasley Maintains Focus on General Election

Despite a virtual tie in the Republican primary between incumbent Charles Jeter and challenger Tom Davis, Chaz Beasley maintained his focus on the general election for NC House District 92.

With all precincts reporting, Jeter, who supported the I-77 toll project before recently flipping his position, edged Davis by only 28 votes out of 7,410 cast in Tuesday’s election. Despite significantly outspending Davis, it was uncertain whether Jeter’s margin would survive a possible recount as of Wednesday morning.

In January and February alone, Jeter reported expenditures of $49,788 on media and consulting - which breaks down to $13.39 spent per vote received. Tom Davis reported total spending of $1,122, or $0.30 per vote received. Jeter spent 44 times as much as his opponent to narrowly out-poll Davis.

“Jeter’s razor-thin margin is further proof that voters dislike his past support for the I-77 toll project,” Beasley noted. “He outspent his opponent nearly 50-to-1 and is ahead by only 28 votes. I think that illustrates how much the people of our community want a Representative who will genuinely lead on critical issues like the tolls.”

As the focus shifts to the general election, Beasley’s priorities include continued, consistent opposition to the I-77 toll lanes, strengthening North Carolina’s public education system, bolstering the local economy and promoting equality for all North Carolinians.

Currently, Beasley works as an attorney in the finance industry. He lives in Steele Creek with his fiancée Whitney, and his future stepdaughter, Maddison.