Promoting Equality

Celebrating and Fostering our Diversity

District 92 is a patchwork of many different communities, made of people from a variety of backgrounds.  While many different paths led us here, we recognize that our futures are inextricably tied together. We realize that not only is there strength in our diversity, there is strength in our versatility.

Despite this, we face challenges that pull at the very threads with which we are woven together. Rather than focusing on the everyday needs of North Carolinians, some in Raleigh are pushing a divisive social agenda. We cannot stand idly by as some use race, gender, and sexual orientation to open old wounds - or create new ones. Instead, we must recognize the lessons from our past challenges while remaining hopeful for North Carolina’s future.

By standing by our core principles, we are:

  • Fighting against discrimination - Because of House Bill 2, North Carolina lost thousands of jobs, our companies lost millions of dollars in business, and our people lost precious rights. We cannot repeat mistakes like House Bill 2 in the future. Chaz has spoken out clearly and consistently against discriminatory policies, including House Bill 2, that hurt our state and its people. There is strength in our diversity, and Chaz will continue to fight for the rights of every North Carolinian.
  • Preserving our constitutional rights - The constitutional rights belonging to our citizens cannot be an afterthought when laws are passed.  Whether restricting the right to vote, complicating women’s rights when making health decisions, or obstructing the right to marriage, extreme members of our General Assembly have often disregarded constitutional protections for political gain. Others have been noticeably absent as our rights are eroded. Our rights are the bedrock of our society and are far too important to be compromised.
  • Expanding equality of opportunity - Providing people with the chance to put their talents to work is how to build a thriving, prosperous middle class. However, for the women still earning less than men for the same work, or for working-class families struggling to make the American Dream a reality, these chances remain limited. By expanding the opportunities available, we maximize the potential of everyone, regardless of background.
  • Building strong, supportive families - The family is the building block of our society. As the child of a single mother, Chaz recognizes that a uniquely-built family can still be a strong and supportive one.  Likewise, we need leadership that values families of all types, understanding that how the family works is more important than how the family looks.