Strengthening Our Economy

Building an Economy that Works for Everyone

District 92 encompasses some of the fastest-growing areas in North Carolina. From Huntersville and Charlotte to Steele Creek and Pineville, thousands of new residents move into the place we call home every year.  We serve as a gateway to the world for those traveling through Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and on our three interstates.  

Our community is an economic engine for our region, but we must ensure that extreme members of the General Assembly do not rob it of its fuel.  Our district deserves leadership that will consistently support our economic growth, not put politics ahead of our best interests. 

We can accomplish this by:

  • Recruiting high-quality jobs while supporting our small businesses - Our community possesses an attractive workforce that we can, and must, market to potential employers from around the country. Additionally, our small businesses serve as the foundation of our strong middle class. Collaboration between civic leaders and the people is the key to fostering an interconnected economy where businesses of all sizes thrive.
  • Opposing the I-77 toll lanes - Forcing hard-working residents to choose between paying expensive tolls and remaining stuck in ever-worsening traffic is flat-out wrong.  Instead of toll lanes that worsen our commutes and stifle our economic growth, we must invest in sensible alternatives that will improve the way we travel to and from our homes.
  • Maintaining local control of our airport - Decades of local control has turned Charlotte-Douglas into one of the best airports in the nation. Meanwhile, extremists in Raleigh have passed laws that jeopardize its future.  Rather than throwing one of our greatest economic assets into turmoil, we must continue the leadership that built a world-class facility in the heart of District 92.